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Administrate your own CMS. Very simple to use. Easily manage your own content. Keep the site current with your news, events, specials, promotions, etc. You will have a complete, Linux-based, web hosting environment. Except for the content, we will manage everything: backups, email, FTP, much, much more. [read more ...]


CMS is a technological breakthrough. At last, ordinary people can manage a website. And your website can be built on one of the best CMS platforms available today.

As a CMS administrator, you can edit and add to the site content, including menus, articles, and sidebar information. You can use a powerful WYSIYG editor with many features. The key thing is this: you don't need to know anything about HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, yada-yada-yada, even though those things are driving the presentation of the site.

This is a major advance over the way websites have been implemented in the past. It makes website content management available to millions of ordinary people who were prevented from participating in the past because of the arcane technology issues.

Now the time is right for you to take advantage of these advances. In today's world, to be competitive you need a website that can be found by all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo,

Fill out the Let's Get Started! form and we will build a website for you. You will have a 30-day free trial period to kick the tires. Only after that, if you decide to accept it, we will bill you for the setup charge and for the first 3 months of service.


CMS: makes it easy

The CMS is very easy for non-teckies to use. Anyone can do it - you don't need any technical knowledge at all. You can easily modify the content every day, or every hour if you like. Keep your customers informed of special deals, coupons, news, events, anything you like. Keep your site interesting with fresh content.


Search Engine Friendly

Your site will appear in lists from Google, Yahoo, and all the major search engines, when queried with the appropriate keywords. People can easily find you from their computer or smart phone. This is more important than the yellow pages these days.

We are different

Unlike other web hosting providers, we provide:
CMS based websites
• Complete full-service setup
• Ongoing development services
• Satisfaction guaranteed

Free Trial

• Sign up, try it out
• If you don't like it, it costs you nothing

You can grow

As your web presence increases, you have room to grow:
• You get a complete Linux-based hosting service
• Start with a free subdomain name
• Get your own domain name
• Add MySQL databases
• Add database applications
• Add your own email addresses
• Install additional applications
• Much more